Ontario Farm Cheese

Soft Cheese

Soft cheeses include a selection of surface ripened cheeses with a mild flavour and creamy texture.

Brigid's Brie - SOLD OUT

Brigid's brie is produced by Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese using cow's milk from their family farm.  It is creamy and full of flavour.

200g wheel

Buffalo Bliss - SOLD OUT

Buffalo Bliss is produced by Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese using Water Buffalo milk from Hope Artisan Dairy Co-op.  A beautiful creamy and mild brie.

200g wheel

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Aged Cheese

Aged cheeses are often firm and may have some crystalization or crumbliness.  They can be mild or full of flavour, and are often used on cheese boards, and shaved on salads and pastas.

Aged Eweda - SOLD OUT

sheep gouda

Amazing Grey

Amazing Grey is a firm goat's milk cheese produced by Stonetown Artisan Cheese. It is a minimum of 24 months,  is mild and sweet with a nice finish and a beautiful crumble.

Elgin Buffalo

Grand Trunk


Shepherd's Harvest

Firm Cheese

5 Brothers

Eweda - SOLD OUT

sheep gouda

Smoked and Flavoured Cheese

5 Brothers - Smoked

Smoked Eweda - SOLD OUT 

smoked sheep gouda

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